What Were Plot Prices and What Did They Become with the 3rd Bridge?

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TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya listed the projects that influence the values of lands and plots in Istanbul as; subway, Eurasia Tunnel, 3rd Airport, important public buildings, healthcare investments and university investments. The 3rd Bridge, which is yet another mega project, has been opened this year. The tender for the connection roads was also held this year. The connection roads have also been a powerful factor that influenced the plot values in the Marmara region and especially in Istanbul. In this sense, Tekirdağ, Silivri, Çatalca, Bahçeşehir are important routes that have been influenced on the European Side. The change in the land and plot values over the years in the surroundings of the 3rd Bridge reveal the influence of mega projects very well…

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